Look what was born this morning!

5 kiko kids

What a surprise!!  David went out to check on the does this morning around 6am, and there were no new kids, just several does looking very close.  We had just had freezing rain and sleet the day before, so a little before 7 am, he went back out to check the roads to see if they were clear enough for travel.  He came running in the house saying BT had 4 kids!!!  We were all awake and could hardly believe that. David went back out to make sure they were all nursing, and a little later some of the other children followed just to see the newborns.  While they were out there, BT stood up, and had another kid!!  The children came in the house telling me she had another one…talk about a hands on, real life home school day! I thought they were joking, but it was true. This doe had really given birth to 5 kids….2 bucks, and 3 does.  She has consistently thrown triplets, and raised them, but this was a new ball game for all of us!  As of now, the new kids are doing great with no supplementation, and the dam is doing great.  The kids weighed in at 5.0 doe, 5.25 doe, 5.25 doe, 7.5 buck, and 7.75 buck.  We will obviously watch them closely to make sure they are thriving, and will supplement if we need to, but of course, we are hoping BT can raise them herself. BT is getting some extra grain, and some good alfalfa hay to help ensure she makes the milk needed to raise these babies, and regains her strength.  She is a great mother, and one of our favorite does! It looks like we may have more kids before the day is over.

We are counting our Blessings here at Phillips Family Farm!