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Our Family | Phillips Family Farm

Our Family

We are a family dedicated to loving God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, and doing everything to bring honor and glory to Him.

Dad is the owner, leader, CEO, boss, manager… you name it. He is a pharmacist, and has to work away from home a lot. He is most importantly a husband, and father to 10 children (two married), striving to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Mom enjoys staying at home, managing the household, teaching school, music, sewing, and more. She is also a leader at Jamberry Nails, so check her business out at www.jamwithhollyann.jamberry.com. As the farm work goes, she is involved with record keeping and sales. She loves the baby goats, as she should being a mom of 10. Her main job is just being a godly wife and mother.



Taylor (27) is married and living in Louisiana with his wife, Johnna, and their little boy.

Hannah (25) is married and living in Texas with her husband and three children.

David (23) is now working long hours away from home. When he is home, he is always singing, humming, or just making noise.

Mindy (21) is married and living in North Carolina with her husband, Eric.

Michael (19) is our comedian and has a very positive outlook on almost everything. He is full of ideas, and is working at Silver Dollar City as a knife maker, and still make his own knives. He no longer has time to do much with the goats, but still helps out on his days off.

Sara (17) Loves books, outdoors, music, baking, and does a lot of the cooking. She is working on her last year of homeschool!

Carter (15) is the professor, always ready to tell us the most recent thing he has learned. He is now the main caretaker of the farm, but when his is not working outside or on some project, you will probably find him designing something, or working on his stop motion video series.

Emily (13) is our drama queen. She is a natural at being a friend to everyone, and loves to give hugs. She is growing up into a lovely little lady, and enjoys helping with cooking, kitchen, or whatever.

Jessa (11) is a little organizer that likes to get involved and “help” with everything. She is sometimes quiet, and sometimes loud. She loves to sing and learn new songs.

Christy (9) is still very expressive, and fun! She is growing up fast, but sometimes we wonder since she is the “baby” of the family. 🙂